UKBIPA – Indonesian Language Proficiency Test

General Information
UKBIPA stands for ‘Uji Kemahiran Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing’ or Indonesian Language Proficiency Test (for nonnative speakers). This test is designed to measure the proficiency or communicative ability of BIPA learners after spending or completing Indonesian language courses.

Types of UKBIPA
1). UKBIPA Umum – intended for those wishing to stay and/or work in Indonesia making sure that their Indonesian language proficiency is adequate to cope with their day-to-day communication in the workplace or community.

2) UKBIPA Akademik – intended for people interested in studying in Indonesian universities or colleges where Indonesian is the medium of instruction of all time. The test also measures the academic skills of the testees in listening to or reading academic texts as well as presenting orally or in writing their academic work.

Procedures for taking UKBIPA APBIPA Bali:
• Fill out the registration form.
• Payment of Non-refundable registration fee (1 week in advance)
• Test confirmation: Venue , ID Number, Date, and Time

On D-day
Take the Test

Notification of Results:
• 5 working days (regular)
• 2 days – express (with additional service charge
• 1 day (super express additional cost )
• Presentation of UKBIPA Certificate (with results), valid for 2.5 years.
• Certificate in pdf format forwarded via email or WhatsApp

Test schedule
• On Saturdays of Week 2 and 4 every month
• Test can be taken on site or online

Test components
UKBIPA proficiency test components are as follows.
 Listening – to measure listening comprehension and skills
 Reading – to measure reading and skills of texts with complex sentences, paragraphs, and articles level featuring different types of texts: advertisements, advertorial, manual, instruction, description.
 Writing: explain, elaborate, review as well as persuade. Learn how to describe graphs, diagrams, flowcharts.
 Speaking : 5 minutes interactive, 5 minutes with one interruption, and 10 minutes without interruption.

More information
Nyoman Riasa
E : [email protected]
W: +62 811 3804 814

Martina Y Goris (Miss Nina)
E : [email protected]
W: +62 821 4756 6824