Selamat datang.

Selamat datang.

Dear Visitor,

Selamat datang di APBIPA Bali. … APBIPA Bali is the first organisation in Indonesia that provides regular and consistent Indonesian language teacher training. Established in 1998 after the first ‘Lokakarya Regional Peratama Metodologi Pengajaran BIPA’ in 1997 in Denpasar, Bali. The workshop was jointly organised with IALF Bali.

Since 2006 APBIPA Bali designed teacher training programs BIPA (IFL – Indonesian as a Foreign Language) and its first training was launched in 2009 collaborating with ULearn International. Since then, more than 1,000 teachers have been trained.

In 2020 Nyoman Riasa of APBIPA Bali receieved a national award from the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture on Language Diplomacy.

We hope that APBIPA Bali will continue to contribute to BIPA teaching development in the country.

Salam hormat,

Nyoman Riasa


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