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On December 11-14, 2017, APBIPA Bali provided a short Indonesian language course to two students of Wesley College, Perth. The course was conducted at Bali Club Med in the Nusa Dua Resort Area, a 35-minute drive from Denpasar.   During my very first hour of the session with the students (Michael and Sam) I already had two concluding points for them and their Bahasa Indonesia level.

1) Each of them already had a good foundation of the language training in relation to their current grade. This also implied that they had been very well taught by a professional teacher back in Perth. Through our conversation in Bahasa Indonesia, I tried to check (especially with Michael) on a number of Indonesian linguistic concepts and the result was FANTASTIC. I should pay my full respect to Ibu Laura Wimsett, their teacher (and or the teacher before her), who has also been an old friend of APBIPA Bali.
2) Both students had a very strong commitment to their learning as they always did every activity through the hour. They asked me with excellent questions about Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesia. From the first meeting I always assigned them an after class project making them communicate in Bahasa Indonesia with the Club Med staff members or Indonesian people they met during their outdoor activities.

Following the short course, I am happy to share a note from Mrs Denise Buchanan, the students’ mother, who specially wrote to us about the students’ opinions on the course. This is what she wrote:

“In December 2017 two of my sons and I visited Bali. On the recommendation of the Indonesian Teacher from their school, we arranged with Mr Nyoman Riasa from APBIPA Bali for the boys to have individual Indonesian lessons daily.

Mr Riasa offered us the option of lessons at the APBIPA Bali premises or at our hotel. To keep things relaxed for us, we opted for Mr Riasa to work with the boys at our Hotel in Nusa Dua. Sam (13) and Michael (14) have been learning Indonesian at their school in Perth, Western Australia for several years and hope to continue to year twelve. Mr Riasa tailored the lessons to meet each boys’ current level of ability. Both boys felt Mr Riasa was an exceptional teacher, and this was evident in the way they were so keen to attend the lessons daily and practice what they had been taught. Once the staff at our hotel realised the boys were learning Indonesian they encouraged them, and were eager to help answer the questions in the worksheets the boys were given each day.

The hotel had many varied activities for the boys, but when I asked my sons what the highlight of the trip had been for them, they both agreed that it was the Indonesian lessons. It gave them an appreciation of why learning a language is so valuable and it built a stronger connection to the Balinese people.

If you are interested in learning or furthering your understanding of the Indonesian language, we cannot recommend Mr Riasa and his team at APBIPA Bali too highly. He is quite outstanding“.

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