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Cradle Activities 2017

CRADLE is an organisation that works to produce social empowerment and change for young people who live in disadvantage in Indonesia (Bali). The organization has established partnerships with universitites and NGO’s to access resources to facilitate change for young people embedded in disadvantaged lives. CRADLE will allow the building of opportunities to apply resources in ways that create change. While the focus of CRADLE is on young people, we recognise that working with the young will necessitate acting within their contexts and that this will and should catalyse future social change and impact not just for the young but for their communities.

Our initial stepping stone for the project is to work with disadvantaged children in Bali through the provision of educational and cultural activities. These programs and activities are aimed at empowering the children with skills and knowledge so that they can later formulate and reach their goal in life.

Our team initially works with the children to boost their confidence to speak up in public while maintaining their Balinese cultural identities through continued mastery of practical skills of Balinese arts and culture. We help them to realise what they would like to achieve for their future education and career by providing special training programs. So, we cannot shape their future or make decision for them but we will show them alternatives and guidelines.

CRADLE is supported by partner organisations in Bali and outside Bali: Ngurah Rai University, Dwijendra University, Slukat Learning Centre, APBIPA Bali, Ngurah Rai University Language Centre and Charles Darwin University, Australia. We also have individuals and professional people who are willing to work as volunteers for the project.
We would welcome interested parties to participate as supporters or volunteers in the project or any other roles they could possibly take.

(For more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected])

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